Micropigmentation, also known as Semi Permanent Makeup or Cosmetic Tattooing, is designed to implant pigment to the skin to create shape and definition to enhance your features


The first and most important step is to have a thorough consultation. I want to create what you are visualising, ensuring we choose the right technique and look that will match your skin and face structure. Using your bone structure I will measure, draw and measure again. This part may take an hour to get correct as I want you to LOVE your new features!


I appreciate your feedback and taking part in this process. Once we are happy I will start the process. All tattooing is a 2 part process, completed 4-8 weeks apart. Most pigment lasts between 1-3 years all depending on your skin, lifestyle and homecare. Thank you for choosing me, and I'm excited to see what we can create together!



What can we create?


If you have little to no eyebrow hairs we can create a natural hair like look.


If you spend time drawing your brows on everyday we can create a powder brow to replace this time and effort!


If you have lost your lip contour and want to rebalance the lips we can do that with a soft tint and contour.


If you want to frame your eyes and not worry about smudged or uneven eyeliner we can apply a soft liner throughout the lashes that will enhance and thicken the look of the lashes.

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"Rach is always friendly and willing to go out of her way for you. She provides amazing treatments and makes you feel really comfy. Thanks Rach."


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